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Hi, I'm PRIM

I help you manage your most important roles.

"Work Smarter, Live Smarter"

Never miss what matters most in your life

PRIM Assistant is a Roles Management App, build to assist you managing and keeping track all of your most important things, whether it's about business, family, trips, skills, recipes or any other meaningful things in your life. 

Manage what matters most Anywhere, Anytime, and with Anybody.

Prim Assistant Home
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How Prim Assist You

Prim Assistant Personal Life

Family? Hobbies? Vacations? Groceries? You can use Prim to manage it.

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Prim Assistant Professional Life
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Assignments? Projects? Meetings? KPIs? Businesses?

Let Prim manage it. 

Prim Assistant Vision


Every journey need a vision to start with. Prim will always make sure you remember your direction.

What We Do

Humans and Roles

Though we are a tech company. We are deeply care about human's well being and the meaning of life. So every features we provided always start with the same question,

"With this feature, will it help people to have a better and meaningful life?"

Humans have a lot of roles in their life. Roles comes with responsibilities. Sometimes, or usually,  they could got overwhelmed by it. Too many responsibilities to take, too many task to be done, too many roles to handle, and at one point one could feel lost, tired, or even empty.

Together with PRIM Assistant, we want people to be more connected. Connect with their best self, connect with their dreams, connect with their most important people and things, connect with their business or organization, connect with their employees, and connect with their most important roles.

With our approach, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences.  Our incredible team and experts have worked tirelessly to bring PRIM Assistant so that any kind of roles can get benefit from it. From the most advance organization to family.

"Work Smarter, Live Smarter"

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