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Cooking Becomes Easier and Manageable with PRIM

With Prim you can manage all your cooking activities. From the recipes itself, buying the ingredients, cooking process, or whose the person in charge, you can manage and monitor everything easily. 

Use Case Cooking III_revisi 2.png

Crystal Clear Your Cooking Steps

With Prim main features, you can track easily every details of your cooking steps and progress. No more missed ingredients or missed steps. No more wasting time finding which steps is done or waiting to be process. Even a beginner can cook easily and faster. 

Your Favorite Menu for Your Most Important People

Have you ever wonder what to cook for your family? Or somebody request some food that you couldn't recall? Well, with Prim you can save all your cooking recipes, the descriptions and of course, the pictures of the food, so you could just let your family member choose from the list. Or let them cook by themselves.

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