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Prim Assistant Home

HOME, greetings from Prim

Remember what
matters most

Your vision, mission, dreams, goals, or any other meaningful things in your life at fingertips. In Home, you can type these important things and give a picture to help you remember and feel them easily.  

BOARDS, for grouping and managing

Manage both
Professional and
Personal Life

With Boards you can manage:

Your professional life such as businesses, organizations, teams, projects, campaigns, training, classes, knowledge, etc.


Your personal life such as family, vacation trips, hobbies, social activities, sport clubs, fans clubs, recipes, etc. 

Prim Assistant Boards
Prim Assistant Cards


the details you asked

Create, Update, and Track your activities, tasks, steps, or even recipes.

Inside the Cards you can easily create, update, and track the To Do, the work In Progress, and what has been Done on every list, activities, tasks or any other details that are important to you.  Oh, and remember to check if you have a Caution or something Urgent.

- Create it as fast as sending a chat or as detailed as an SOP

- Update the progress simply with a tap 

- Track what's going on in a glance 

Is That Enough? No?

It's okay, Prim still have many powerful features.

Especially for what matters most 

Effective Communication

With Prim you can effectively communicate through:

- WALL for any important announcement, inspiration, information, etc inside a Board.

- DISCUSSION for any specific topic in Cards or Activities.


With Prim, no more confusing chat room that discuss everything from A to Z or hundreds unrelated group messages.

DECKS, Templates for Excellence

Save your best or favorite Boards, Cards, and Activities. Next time you need it, you can easily load it anywhere, anytime, and with anybody.

Doesn't matter Professional or Personal. You can Decks:

- Any proven great plans & strategies

- Support systems such as SOPs, KPIs, work instructions, job desc, knowledge management, and so on.

- Skills and competencies cards for classes, trainers and participants.

- Recipes and Groceries

- and many more

Collaborate & Work Anywhere with Anybody

With Prim, wherever you are and whatever you do, you know precisely who's doing what, and when.


You can add people that matters most, like your partner, family, team, mentors or anybody to become members in your Board, then add them to specific Card (with specific time if needed), and do their specific Activities.

All is in Your Hand

With Prim you can manage almost anything with your hand, literally and figuratively. The possibility is very vast, from managing a single person to a large organizations. From tackling a simple "to-do" list to a complex projects. 

You can assign a very simple task like groceries or a very complex task with detailed step by step instruction.


You can even create, Decks it, and share your recipes (or any other fun activities) include with the steps. Hey, with your cooking list, let your family treat it as a menu book, maybe you can avoid a very difficult question such as "what do we eat for today?"

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