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For Trainers

Easily Deliver Your Materials and Guaranteed Take Away for Your Classes 

With every Prim features, training can be more organized and sustainable. Participants would easily remember the skills or tips from your class. 


Extra Mile After Class Programs

Managing your graduates never been this easy before. Your grads will get access to your delivered materials anywhere and anytime they need it. You can set even real life practice outside your class and monitor the progress. If the question arise, you can have a focus discussion in it.

Your grads will always get powerful and applicable skill sets.

For Everybody

Access Your Skill Bank with Decks

With Decks, you can review your previous class anytime and anywhere. When the situation arise, the skill needed always on your fingertips. Imagine you are a hero in a game, you can see all your character skill sets and use it whenever you like it.

Leave your hard copies at home, or just forget hard copies and go greener.

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